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Dec. 15th, 2010



Pink Fractal

Name of art piece: Pink Fractal
Inspiration: Font. I was playing around with a new font I downloaded and thought that it would look pretty awesome as a piece of geometric/fractal art. It started out black, but it was too one dimensional, so I added pink to it. When I was done, I couldn't help but think it looked like ribbons used for breast cancer awareness :)
Materials used: None. Just Photoshop.
Type of art: geometric, fractal
Products this art is placed on: So far I've placed this piece on a t-shirt and shoes. More will come soon :)*

Nov. 22nd, 2009



Webs And Masks

After many battles and many brain farts about whether I should warp this or not, I've finally settled on doing one thing. Here it is! I've changed the name from Geometric Insect to Webs and Masks. I think it's more fitting :)

Click on the image to see a bigger view

Nov. 8th, 2009



Geometric Insect (Secondary Steps)

The next step is to add the colors and effects. Once I'm done with that then the warping begins. I usually like to give my geometric art a little more of a story to tell, rather than just geometric shapes. Duplicating the first steps was pretty easy, the first thing I did was use the shape tool (straight line) to trace over my sketch, then I duplicated the layers and re-sized them and positioned them the way I wanted. Voila! You got yourself a myriad of geometric designs, that if you look closer you can see several different images.

Here's what the first stage looked like:

Oct. 31st, 2009



Geometric Insect

Just a little something I'm working on. It usually starts out as a sketch in my sketch pad, then I move it to photoshop and the magic begins. I will be posting this in several different stages, usually the end product looks nothing like the first stages, so I'll share what it looks like as I finish certain parts of it :)


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Oct. 30th, 2009




Welcome! If you have stumbled upon this community then you are definitely interested in Islamic/Geometric Art, in which case you are in the right place and welcome ^_^ I started this community mainly because there doesn't seem to be one on LJ anywhere and since this kind of art is what I find myself working on more and more these days, I figured... start a community and share my art.

What you will find here:
  • All of my Geometric/Islamic art.
  • If you want to post yours you are very welcome, as long as it's Geometric art. There are so many communities out there for all other types of art, I want this one to be solely for Geometric art. *Your post will be approved by me before it gets posted here*
  • Have any tips and tricks you would like to share with the rest of us? Why not post them here for all to see ^_^ Geometric art can be very intense. In this community I will try to post my tidbits of knowledge on the art as well.
Excited yet?! I hope so ^_^

Well that's all for now. Hope you join and share your art work with the rest of us, and make some new friends on the way :)

Here are a few pieces I've finished

This piece is called 'Purple Lovely'

This piece is called 'Mask'

Remember every ones art is unique to themselves, if you comment on some one else's work be curtious yet constructive, state your opinion without being rude. And most of all have fun!